Lecture series in Aquatic Ecology und Evolution

Weekly seminar series at Eawag, Kastanienbaum, on Wednesdays at 14h

All seminars will be virtual and broadcasted using zoom. Please contact us if you are interested in listening to one of our seminars (marcel.haesler@unibe.ch).

 date who  (host)
Dr Chloé Schmidt   (Ole Seehausen)
German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv)
The biogeography of genetic diversity
01.03.2023 Dr. Chaitanya Gokhale   (Philine Feulner)
MPI Plön, Germany
The power of belief: collective narratives catalyse cooperation
08.03.2023 Dr Shyamalika Gopalan   (Hanna Rosinger)
Duke University, USA
The population genetics of humans and pathogens
no seminar

Dr. Eden W. Tekwa   (Luiz Jardim de Queiroz)
McGill University, CA
Theories and empirical assessments of diversity and adaptation — from biosphere to society
Prof Scott Taylor   (Philine Feulner)
University of Colorado, Boulder, USA
Geographically consistent selection on spatial cognition and metabolic function in a moving avian hybrid zone
Dr. Wenna Ding   (Luiz Jardim de Queiroz)
WSL, Switzerland
The origin and assembly of alpine plants in the Northern Hemisphere
Tupoka Ogette   (Ole Seehausen/UniBe)
Tupokademie, Berlin
Emily Jäger Award Lecture for contributions to Equality, at von Roll, Fabrikstrasse 6, Room 001, Uni Bern
Manda Kambikambi   (Ole Seehausen)
Rhodes University, South Africa
Diversity of African Barbs: A case study of the Enteromius anoplus complex
03.05.2023 Dr Sushma Prasad   (Pavani Misra)
Institute of Geosciences, University of Potsdam, Germany
Extreme events in the ISM realm: patterns, forcings and ecosystem response
Dr. Mollie Brooks   (Gian Marco Palamara)D
TU Aqua Danish National Institute of Aquatic Resources, DK
17.05.2023 Dr. Emmanuel Mbaru   (Conor Waldock)
Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute, Kenya
Dr. Luiz Rocha   (Barbara Calegari)
California Academy of Sciences, USA
Ecology, evolution, and conservation of deep coral reef fishes
31.05.2023 Prof. Priyanga Amarasekare  (Carlos Melian)
University of California Los Angeles, USA
Predicting the effects of climate warming: from chemistry to evolution