Lecture series in Aquatic Ecology und Evolution

Weekly seminar series at Eawag, Kastanienbaum, on Wednesdays at 14h

All seminars will be virtual and broadcasted using zoom. Please contact us if you are interested in listening to one of our seminars (marcel.haesler@unibe.ch).

 date who  (host)
Laban Musinguzi   (Ole Seehausen)
National Fisheries Research institute of Uganda
From the lab to the World: Unlocking Uganda’s freshwater biodiversity data for conservation decision making
28.09.2022 Dr. Emily Choy   (Ole Seehausen)
McGill University, Montréal, Canada
Upper trophic predators as sentinels of environmental change in Arctic marine ecosystems
05.10.2022 Prof. Dr. Ole Seehausen (Nare Ngoepe)
IEE, University of Bern & Dept Fish Ecology & Evolution, Kastanienbaum, Switzerland
Islands of endemism – lakes as cradle and refugia for freshwater species diversity
Sandra Klemet-N'Guessan   (Ole Seehausen)
Trent University, Peterborough, Canada
Silver, brown or green in your tea affects your pee: testing the effects of spatial and seasonal environmental changes on nutrient and contaminant excretion in aquatic animals
Nancy Iraba
WIOMSA, The Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association, Tanzania
The role of citizen science in coral reef restoration
Juan Camilo Cubillos   (Guénolé)
University of Oldenburg, Germany
Seasonal dynamics of adaptive genetic variants in a stickleback hybrid zone
Dr. Sydney Moyo   (Lily Twining)
Rhodes College, Grahamstown, South Africa
Decoding aquatic-terrestrial linkages in rivers and estuaries
Victor de Brito   (Barbara Calegari)
Western Michigan University, USA

Does species interaction influence tempo and mode of diversification in fish clades that cross the marine/freshwater boundary?

Prof. Dr. Carlos Daniel Cadena   (Catalina Chaparro)
Universitat de los Andes, Colombia
The Origin and Future of a Tropical Biodiversity Hostpot
Dr. Irene Gregory-Eaves   (Leighton King)
McGill University, Montréal, Canada
Paleolimnological insights from the first Canada-wide sampling of lakes
Dr.Israel Borokini   (Anna Mahulu)
University of California, USA
Combining niche models with genetic markers to understand barriers to gene flow among populations of a desert plant species.
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Dr. Pavani Misra   (Blake Matthews)
Department Fish Ecology & Evolution, Eawag, Kastanienbaum
Millennial to sub-millennial scale reconstruction of Holocene climate and vegetation history from Baraila Tal (lake), Central Ganga Plains following a multi-proxy approach
21.12.2022 Dr. Imane Agmour   (Carlos Melian)
U Hassan II, Casablanca, Morocco
Mathematical analysis of bioeconomics models