Aquatic Ecology & Evolution

Ecosystem context of adaptive radiation

I am an evolutionary biologist studying the origin of biodiversity by speciation and adaptive radiation in cichlid fishes from Africa and Central America and Timema stick insects from California. I was awarded my Ph.D. by the University of Basel, Switzerland, in November 2011 for my work on cichlid fish diversification in Walter Salzburger's lab. Until recently, I was a postdoctoral Researcher in Patrik Nosil's group at the University of Sheffield, UK, supported by a fellowship from the Swiss National Science Foundation working on speciation in Timema stick insects. Currently, I am a Researcher in Ole Seehausen's group at the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (EAWAG). My current research aims to integrate classical fields of evolutionary biology — such as palaeontology, genomics and population genetics— to arrive at a better understanding of how and why organisms diversify.