Aquatic Ecology & Evolution


Lukas Rüber is the curator of Ichthyology at the Museum of Natural History of Bern ( and teaches at University of Bern. He also supervises BSc/MSc/PhD-students. Please also visit his homepage of the museum for more information.

Research interests

My main research interest is in line with one of the central themes in evolutionary biology, namely understanding the processes that contribute to the origin and maintenance of biodiversity. The diversity of recent species is not equally distributed among taxonomic groups and across the globe - a small number of clades accounts for a large part of the world's diversity and a number of relatively small areas with high levels of endemism are populated by unusually large numbers of species. I study patterns and processes of diversification at different spatial and temporal scales by focusing on fish adaptive radiations and biodiversity hotspots. My main research themes are:


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