Aquatic Ecology & Evolution


About Me

My current research revolves around fundamental questions in predictive modeling of complex stochastic ecosystems. I’m particularly interested in understanding how such systems lead to the emergence of macroscopic degrees of freedom, guiding their aggregate dynamics, and under what conditions the macrodynamics is amenable to forecasting. My work at EAWAG focuses on the mesoscopic dynamics of plankton interaction networks and building a bridge between mechanistic models vs. what can conceivably be measured in Nature. My hope is to make contributions to experimental design methodology and, more broadly, to a tighter coupling between theory and experiment in ecological practice.

Curriculum Vitae
2021 - present Postdoctoral fellow

Department of Fish Ecology and Evolution, EAWAG.

2010 - 2014 Research assistant / PhD candidate

Department of Mathematics, ETH Zürich

2006 - 2008 Highschool Teacher

Kantonsschule Kreuzlingen

2004 - 2007 Research assistant / M.Sc. student

Department of Mathematics, ETH Zürich