Aquatic Ecology & Evolution


About Me

My research interests are related to evolutionary genomics, speciation genomics and local adaptation. My project focuses on speciation and its genomic basis, as well as on speciation reversal in Alpine whitefish. During the last century, whitefish diversity within Swiss lakes decreased dramatically, probably due to cultural eutrophication of many Swiss lakes: Eutrophication decreased available ecological- and reproductive niche space and simultaneously induced speciation reversal of sympatric Alpine whitefish species. The whitefish species of Lake Constance are an ideal system to study the genomic consequences of adaptation, speciation and also its reversal, which hopefully will help to understand the evolutionary responses of evolutionary young species complexes to changing environments.

Speciation Genomics of Alpine Whitefish


In our whitefish speciation genomics project we aim to ultimately understanding the properties of the genome structure and the genomic architecture of traits facilitating the adaptive radiation of Alpine whitefish. To achieve this we will build genomic resources for the Alpine whitefish radiation. We will assess the genome evolution accompanying the diversification of this group by looking into structural changes across whitefish genomes. In addition, we will investigate the genomic architecture of relevant ecological traits, like body size, shape, gill raker number. Finally, we will bring this together with a population genomic analysis across multiple lakes, species, and populations.